In this instance, our distinguished client GENTE, GENERACIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍA, C.A. has filed an opposition against the registration of the EXCELITE trademark, which was requested by Excell S.A.S. to identify products within International Class 11. The significance of this case lies in the achievement obtained by our client by safeguarding its own EXCELINE brand, thus preventing Excell S.A.S. take over a remarkably similar and potentially confusing mark. Such a result would have diminished the distinctive strength of our client’s brand in the market.

Our intellectual property department has provided crucial support in the presentation of the opposition against the trademark in question, highlighting the undeniable visual, orthographic and phonetic similarities between both signs, as well as the close relationship maintained by the products they identify in the market. This has conclusively evidenced the imminent risk of confusion that would arise from the coexistence of these brands in the market. In fact, the examiner has recognized the arguments raised in the opposition and has concluded that the signs are similarly confusing, which has resulted in the denial of registration of the requested trademark and the effective protection of our client’s trademark.

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