When it comes to cosmetics and skin care, choose NAÄRA.


In order to protect its trademark NAÄRA (Nominative), our client JEUNESSE GLOBAL HOLDINGS, LLC opposed to the registration of the trademark NÄRA (+Graphic) requested by OZIAS SAS to distinguish International Class 3 products.

As a basis for the opposition, our client highlighted the lack of sufficient distinctive aptitude on the part of the requested sign NÄRA (+Graphic) inasmuch as the previously registered trademark NAÄRA (Nominative) evidenced a clear and imminent risk of confusion when compared to the requested sign due to their similarity.

Indeed, since the conflicted signs are similarly confusing due to their orthographic, phonetic, visual, and conceptual elements, its practically impossible to differentiate them, reason for which the Trademarks director declared our client´s opposition as founded.
Consequently, the registration of the trademark NÄRA (+Graphic) was denied, thus protecting the trademark NAÄRA (Nominative) previously registered by our client JEUNESSE GLOBAL HOLDINGS, LLC.

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