You better think twice


Based on our strategy, LENOVO (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. opposed to the registration of the trademark THINKRIDER + Graphic requested by SHANGHAI ZHIXINGPAI SPORTS DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.

However, the Trademark Authority decided to grant the trademark. Therefore, we proceeded to appeal.

The Trademark Authority analyzed the signs and found that LENOVO (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. frequently uses the expression “Think” in many of their marks, concluding that there is a family of trademarks. Moreover, the family of trademarks if constituted but several trademarks with the word THINK plus an additional element. Hence, consumers will associate the sign applied for registration with LENOVO’s family of trademarks.

The inclusion of the word “Think”, in other trademarks does not turn it into a common expression, since every registered mark has additional elements in order to be difference from one and other. Thus, the trademarks director upheld the opposition filed by our client and denied the registration of the requested application.

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