It’s possible to protect your trademarks from imitation or usurpers.


This case illustrates how Trademarks law can protect brands and trademarks from the copy, imitation, or usurpation from third parties.

According to the GENERAL INTER-AMERICAN CONVENTION FOR TRADEMARK AND COMMERCIAL PROTECTION (WASHINGTON 1929), our client THE MAGNI GROUP, INC. managed to protect and reaffirm their titularity over the trademark MAGNILIFE (Nominative).

On this occasion, the company PROYECTOS MAGNISYSTEM S.A.S. requested the registration of the trademark MAGNILIFE (+ Graphic).

Opposing to the above and, on the basis of the forementioned convention, our client successfully argued that: i) their trademark MAGNILIFE (Nominative) was legally protected and registered; ii) that the requested sign was substantially identical to our client´s previously registered trademark; iii) that the company PROYECTOS MAGNISYSTEM S.A.S. had knowledge about the existence and use of our client´s trademark; and iv) that the trademark previously registered by our client was used and applied, and was still being used and applied, to products or merchandise found in the International Class 5 that the requested trademark pretended to identify.

Consequently, the Trademarks director found that, given the configuration of the previous elements, the registration of the requested sign MAGNILIFE (+ Graphic) should be denied, thus protecting the trademark of our client.

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It’s possible to protect your trademarks from imitation or usurpers.